I got the book Someday from the library the other day. I knew nothing about it, other than it had been recommended by one of the people whos opinion on books I trust.

Yesterday Lil wanted to read some books, which means she wanted me to read to her. I was more than happy to take a break from cleaning to read to her. So we sat down on the couch and she handed me a few books and snuggled in. Oh, here’s where I need to pause and say that it was blazing hot yesterday, we were upstairs (heat rises) and this is what my little ball of fire was wearing while trying to snuggle me.

We read the first couple of books and then I grabbed Someday and started reading. I could see where this book was going really quickly. It was told from a mother’s prospective, telling her daughter how big she’s getting and how someday she’ll be all grown up. This sort of thing kills me, KILLS ME. If you know me at all you know that I cry super easy. Crying happens when I’m too overwhelmed with any emotion and sweetness/sentimentality is the one that’s going to get the waterworks going faster than anything.

I got to the page that reads ‘Someday I’ll stand on this porch and watch your arms waving to me until I no longer see you’. And before I had gotten to the end of the sentences I had a lump in my throat and tears were starting to streak down my cheek. I hardly made it through the last 5 pages, which just made me cry harder and harder and could barely squeak the words out. The last pages talk about how someday she will have a child of her own and that I’ll have long gray hair

When I was done reading I closed the book and pulled Lil into my lap and explained that I’m crying because I love her so much and that she’s not my little baby anymore and she’s growing up too fast. One day soon, probably before I blink again she’s going to be in school and this kind of thing makes me cry.

I then kissed her nose and proclaimed ‘nose kisses’ (its something we do) and she kissed my nose back and said ‘it’s a don’t cry kiss’. I laughed and asked her for a tissue (she loves getting tissues from the box) and she said ‘Ok, and I’ll wipe your crying up.’ She then gently wiped some of my tears away.

I went into the office and promptly told Waldo that I can’t be expected to read that book ever again. It’s just too much.

As if I needed to prove my easily erupting tear ducts anymore, here’s a video that my friend Becky sent me. It’s totally viral at this point so you might have seen it already. Just so you know I was already tearing up before she had the headphones on.

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