Swinging the day away

It was a joyous day last week when I was driving to the pet store and saw a park with a baby swing. I had been looking all over the place for a baby swing because I wanted Lily to have the fun of swinging without being attached to me. When I parked the car I texted Waldo that I found a baby swing, this is how excited I was about it.

On Sunday afternoon Waldo and I packed Lily up and drove the 10 minutes to the park. The poor girl really dislikes the car and was crying within minutes of taking off. I kept telling her the torture was going to be worth it when she was flying freely on the swing and that we would be there in just a minute.

We pull up to the park and I’m surprised by how few trees there are, I guess I didn’t really notice the other day because I was driving and trying not to crash.

As we get out Waldo asks me if I’m going to put a blanket or something on the swing, even though he knows the answer. I tell him of course I am, I don’t want her touching the dirty swing or especially trying to eat it. He says don’t you think people will think you’re weird when they see pictures of her with the blanket. I reply that I don’t really care I’m just keeping Lily safe. Even I have to admit it sometimes that I’m a little crazy about washing my hands before I touch Lily or putting a blanket down for her, not OCD crazy but a little crazy. But you know what? I don’t care.

So I grabbed the blanket and her hat and he grabbed Lily and away we went. I tucked the blanket in and we put Lil in and I excitedly pushed. She couldn’t have cared less. She wasn’t upset but she wasn’t excited either.

First time on the swings

First time on the swings

First time on the swings

First time on the swings

First time on the swings

We would have let her swing till she got tired of it but we didn’t have any sun block (I don’t even know if she can use sun block now or what kind to get if she can use it) and the sun was directly on us. It was HOT so we only stayed out for about 7 minutes. Then we had to put her back in the car and you guessed it, more crying on the way home. It was like a big tease. Poor kid.

I have been so inspired by Maia‘s love of the swings that I plan on trying a couple more times before winter, hopefully Lily will start to enjoy them.

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4 thoughts on “Swinging the day away

  1. 🙂 Jinxy, I’m the same way. I would have put a blanket on the swing too! LOL! Some may say I’m a bit OCD, but really, I’m not.

    I was wondering about the sunblock thing. I don’t use any on Little One. She’s 10 months old chronological (7 months old corrected) now and someone told me that babies shouldn’t use sunblock until after they are a year old. Not sure about it, so I haven’t applied any on her skin when we’re out. I do make sure she’s always covered up from the sun though. She always has a wide brimmed hat on too. A friend told me Little One will hate me when she’s a teenager because I always put “silly” hats on her. Ummm…HELLO!! She’s a BABY! She NEEDS to be protected from the sun! Her skin’s so sensitive! Sheeesh! LOL!

    Lily is sooooooooo cute!!! Love the pics!!

  2. You are so NOT weird about putting that blanket down in the swing. I would have done the exact same thing.

    P.S. My 6-month-old doesn’t like riding the car either (although she’s been getting much better about it lately). I am super grateful for car seats, but sometimes I just wish I could take her out and hold her in my lap (of course, I never do that though).

  3. I have a new wallpaper picture……Lily is so cute in the swing….

    I love the close up with her little tongue sticking out….

    I love you Lily…xoxox

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