Wall frame art

A while ago I saw this great idea on Pinterest (our course) and just filed it in the back of my mind as something I thought Lily would like to do, but didn’t have any plans to do it immediately. Then one day a week or so ago Lil wanted to draw and so I grabbed a length of easel paper off of the easel and taped it to the wall. I very crudely drew a few frames for Lil and handed her the marker/crayon/colored pencil box and away she went.

First fram wall

Waldo came in while she was drawing in the frames and sat with her while I worked a little.  After she was done he told me what it hit it was and to be sure to do it again. I was more than happy too.

Lily drawing in her frames

This time she drew little people in the frames rather then amoebas.  This kept her busy for almost an hour.

Person with a furry belly

It's a person with a furry belly, of course.

Howling Man

This one is a howling man. See his "O-ing" mouth?

This was a very easy craft to set up and Lily loved it. I’d give it a 6 out of 10 crayon rating.

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