The family visit pt 1

A couple of weeks ago Lily got a chance to meet some of her family and we had a blast and of course there are pictures to prove it. What kind of blogger and new mom would I be if there weren’t?

Lily got to meet her Grandparents on her Daddy’s side and her Aunt and two cousins. For right now Lily is the youngest and only girl on that side of the family, so everyone was really excited to meet her. Ok they probably would have been just as excited to meet her even if she wasn’t the first or only girl, but you know what I mean.

It was really nice to have them here because it gave us an excuse to do the touristy thing. We live in a very beautiful area and don’t every really enjoy it. So this was great.

Some of the highlights:

We went to the park that’s about a half mile from our house.  Its a great walk and we need to do it more often.

This is Lily with her Grandpa David and Grandma Rita

with Grandpa David and Grandma Rita

Lily got her first swing ride.
with Mommy, first time on the swing

I’m really irritated, I can’t find a single park around here with baby swings.  This is one reason why we don’t go to the park more often, there’s nothing for her to do yet.

But the boys had a blast.  Brendan is 10 and Jude is 2.

Brendan and Jude
Jude really was having fun.


We went to breakfast at our favorite place, The Buffalo Cafe.
at the Buffalo Cafe for breakfast

Then we walked through downtown Whitefish and it just happen to be Huckleberry Days so they had lots of booths set up in the park and Jude and Brendan got to look at the trains.

Christy, Jude and Brendan
Brendan, Jude and Christy

Jude and his Mommy Christy
Jude and his Mom (Christy)

After looking around downtown we drove up to the ski resort, Big Mountain and took the gondola to the summit.  Of course I waited 12 years to do this so it was a cold (42 at the top) and foggy day in August and there was NOTHING to see but fog.  But I did get some good pictures of Lily with her Daddy and Aunt Christy.

with Daddy going to the top of Big Mountain

with Aunt Christy gong to the top of Big Mountain

Me and Jude
Jude and me

We spent a lot of time just hanging around the house talking and enjoying each others company too.

Waldo and his sister Christy getting burgers ready to bar-b-q
Waldo and Christy (sister)

Lily with her Aunt Christy
Lily with Aunt Christy

Grandma Rita playing with Lily.
with Grandma Rita

Lily with her cousins Jude and Brendan
with Brendan and Jude

Since I don’t know how to do a photo-lite post I’m stopping here for now.

Part two will include the day we decided to drive across the whole state accidentally. Or maybe it just seemed like it since I get car sick and have a baby that hates the car. There will be lots more pretty pictures.

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4 thoughts on “The family visit pt 1

  1. BWAHHH THIS POST. I literally just came back to this comment after starting it 15 minutes ago because it made me miss my baby sister, who moved away from home today, and I had to call my mommy to see if she’d talked to her.

    Family is so precious. Lily is so lucky to have all of them around and I’m so happy you had a great time 🙂 can’t wait for part 2!

  2. How fun! It looks as if you had a lovely visit with your family. I’ll bet Grandma and Grandpa were more than ready to meet Lily!

    Also, that picture of Lily with the water bottle is too cute!

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