The sweetest sound in the world

Lily has been laughing a lot lately but every time I grab the camera she stops. Well today Waldo and I worked as a team and recorded Lily laughing. Please forgive the fact that the picture is sideways and goes blurry occasionally, the laughing is the important part.

Sideways laughing from Christy Wiggins on Vimeo.

I’ll get Lily’s 32 week pictures up soon, hopefully this makes up for my tardiness a little.

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6 thoughts on “The sweetest sound in the world

  1. thanks you so much Christy, what a joy to hear it and see it and see you work so hard for that beautiful little sound. were your lips num. lol
    love ya
    Aunt KK

    • Hi Kk,

      Yes my lips were numb and you couldn’t see it but I was also lunging at her so I was wiped out by the end but it was so worth it.

      Love you too.

  2. Hi Christy this is from Sissy, I held my cell up to the computer and she listened. and cried… here is her note
    I love how Lily laughs, now you know what it feels like to work so hard to make one baby laught !!! it’s a head ache hun. I love you.. sissy.

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