Time is speading up

I swear that time must be on fastforward or something because I swear I have a teenager all of the sudden.


Big girl

Seriously I had just gotten Lily dressed in a outfit that hadn’t fit before and it was finally warm enough for her to wear, I put her on the bed so she could play with my old phone and when I turned around she just looked so damn grown up. Look at those pictures, she’s not a baby anymore. I don’t know when this happened.

Big girl

She is darn cute though.

Kitty's eye

Kitty has to get in on the action

Kitty giving Lily kisses

Kitty loving on Lil

Lily giving Kitty kisses

She’s giving Kitty her kissy face. I had to check for my pulse after this one, she kills me with the cuteness.

15 month old feet

I realized I hadn’t taken any baby feet pictures in a long time.

I always (as I’m sure all of you have too) heard that time flies but I just didn’t realize that I couldn’t close my eyes for a millisecond.

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