Visiting with family

Saturday we ran into my sister Jolene at Costco, she was on her way out and we were on our way in. Since Lily, Waldo and I are finally over this stupid cold we decided to go visit Jolene and her family later that day. I was really looking forward to visiting them. We have been a little surprised that we haven’t visited our family’s as much as we thought we would when we were planning on moving here, so this was a step in the right direction.  Oh in case anyone isn’t familiar with my family tree, Jolene is Livi‘s Mama.

We went over and spent about 3 or 4 hours. Waldo spent most of the time playing video games with Jolene’s boyfriend Dustin and her 14 year old son Max. Somehow I didn’t manage to get any pictures of them. When they weren’t shooting each other they were talking tech, which is Waldo’s favorite thing in the world.

Jolene and I spent all of our time chatting and watching Lily and Livi “play with each other”. Really they mostly spend time playing near each other but after a little while they do start interacting with each other.

Lily and Livi playing

Lily and Livi playing

Jolene made some mac n cheese for the girls and pizza for the grown ups. The girls looked so cute sitting at their little table.

Lily and Livi having dinner

After dinner the girls played together a little more and then we had to go home because Lily was about to fall asleep standing up. She hadn’t napped at all and was holding up rather well, but she was DONE.

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