Want to get in good with my daughter, treat her like a dog.

Lily has been acting like animals for as long as I can remember, well since she was 2.5 or 3 anyway. It started as a can, Lily was always a cat. She would purr and meow at people. Some time about 6-8 months ago she decided that being a dog was where it was at. She isn’t a dog all the time, sometimes she’s a elephant or a giraffe or llama or bunny or whatever else she thinks of. Mostly though she’s a puppy and for some reason she’s my puppy, I can’t really complain about that, but I don’t understand it.

When this puppy thing started I asked her what her name way (sidebar, for some reason I never asked her what her kitty name was. Sad). She said that since it was my puppy I had to name it. She was wearing her black with white polka dot pajama pants so I said Spot. She loved this and now Spot is always around. In the last month or two she will tell us occasionally that Spot isn’t there, but our other dog Polka (as in Dot) is, and Polka is a white dog with black spots, because let me tell you that she will insist that Spot is black with white spots.

Luckily she doesn’t bark when she’s Spot or Polka, but she does lots and lots of other dog things. Examples of her dog activities: fetching balls, begging for bones, burring bones (pretend style in the living room) and her favorite thing getting scratches and pets. Lily will play Spot with her Grandpa (Papa) for ages daily and she loves it.

Waldo’s Aunt and Uncle were visiting and Aunt Katie won Lily over by playing fetch with one of Lil’s little balls. Lily was so excited to go back downstairs and play fetch with Aunt Katie every chance she got. Lily was so bummed when Aunt Katie left.

Apparently being Spot got old so now Lily will put on the cape I made her and she’ll be Super Spot. Usually Super Spot is a detective solving a mystery, but occasionally Super Spot will be a super hero, but because Lil doesn’t know anything about super heros are she just runs around with her cape on.

I love Lil’s imagination and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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