Yogurt face

I had read that yogurt made a great lunch for babies but it had to be the plain kind. The flavored ones were just candy. So when we were grocery shopping this past Sunday we bought one little container of plain.

I sat Lily in her chair, dished some yogurt into a small bowl and something made me go back for the camera. I set the self-timer and figured I might get a cute look on her face when she tried this new food. Boy was I glad I did. I spooned the first bite in and then prayed that I actually got the shot.

First taste of yogurt


I set the timer again but I assumed the face was a one time thing.

First taste of yogurt
Boy I was wrong.

First taste of yogurt

At this point I was ready to give up on the yogurt but she grabbed the bowl and tried to drink it. I missed this face but let me tell you it was just as good. I gave her a couple of more bites but every time she made the same disgusted face. I figured if I hated something that much I wouldn’t want to eat it so I put the dish in the sink, Lily screamed her little heart out over this however. I gave her some cut up apple and all was right in the world again.

I am so glad we only bought the one container.

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4 thoughts on “Yogurt face

  1. That’s the way I feel about plain yogurt, too, Lily! Tell Mommy to try Brown Cow yogurt from the health food section at Rosaurs or Super 1. Low sugar and it comes in flavors! 🙂

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