24 weeks old

Something really cool happened this past Saturday. Lily laughed for the first time. Over the rest of the weekend she laughed two more times and that’s probably all I’ll get for weeks but it was amazing.

Taking this weeks pictures were a fun challenge.
First she wouldn’t put her Oball down.
24 weeks old
I suggest this ball to everyone with a baby. Is great. she loves it.  I add the links to it for easy grabbing.

Then there’s the grabbing for camera, apparently its very tasty.
24 weeks old reaching

And of course the standard foot shot.
24 weeks foot

I did get a couple of good shots, this is one of my favorites.
24 weeks old

I think Lily saw all the pictures of Maia with her tongue out and now that’s how Lily spends most of her time.

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6 thoughts on “24 weeks old

  1. That O Ball looks like something Maia would enjoy too.

    Tongue pic is too cute! Gah I would just smother Lily with kisses.

    You know what’s cool? In a year or so, our girls can “chat” over Skype & be long-distance friends 🙂

  2. Cheers for laughing babies! I cannot WAIT until I hear that sweet sound for the first time =)

    Lol when my niece laughed her first laugh, it was because a huge trash bag split down the side and fell out all over the living room. I remember the big debate at the time was whether or not to try to get another laugh out of her by recreating the event, or if it was just too messy.

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