My Baby’s Mind Monday-6-8-09

My friend Tatiana over at It was a Very Good Year started this meme. Each Monday you look inside your baby’s mind and let us know what you find. Be sure to go show her some love.

This is my inspiration picture this week:

crying in the carseat

Dear Mama,

We’ve already been over the whole hatred of tummy time do I really have to tell you how much I hate the car seat? Why oh why do you insist in trapping me in here rather then holding me close like you claim to like so much? I have to admit its kind of fun when Daddy swings me in the car seat but then you guys put me in the back seat all be my lonesome and as a big slap in the face you make me face backwards.

I don’t care how many fun toys (and they are fun, thanks) you hook on it I will still scream 95% of the time we are in the car just to remind you how much I hate it. Sometimes when you sing to me I like that and will give you a little break but most of the time I’m just too mad about being all alone to care about twinkling stars or rowing boats and the marching ants that never do the same thing twice.

You try hard to convince me that the seat is the “safe” way to travel but I’m super skeptical. I mean you and Daddy don’t use them, why should I? And stop telling me to take a nap in it. I don’t want to go to sleep, I might miss something.

I do appreciate that you and Daddy take me out when we get to the store. I really like looking around at people and I really like it when people stop us and remind you how cute I am. But then you put me back in it when we go to leave, its not fair!


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4 thoughts on “My Baby’s Mind Monday-6-8-09

  1. Awwwh! Maia cries most of the time when we put her in the seat & then calms down in the car itself. It’s heart-breaking to know you are going to make your baby cry though! πŸ™

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  3. Ohhhh, Lily! That photo of you crying in your car seat just breaks my heart! πŸ™ Seriously! I’m so sorry you hate the car seat so much πŸ™

    Little One isn’t a fan of tummy time either, but for some odd reason, she LIKES her car seat! I think she knows that every time we put her in, it means she’s going out for another adventure. I sit in the backseat with her and let Daddy drive. If I’m on my own with LO, she seems to be okay. She sleeps as soon as the car starts rolling.

    I’ve got a mirror that attaches to the backseat facing LO. She watches herself in the mirror or looks at Elmo (It’s an Elmo mirror).

    I love these “My Baby’s Mind Mondays” posts! I just wrote a post told in LO’s perspective today.

  4. So sad! Her little teardrop just breaks my heart!

    Our 12-week-old doesn’t like riding in the car either so we don’t go out a whole lot. For now.

    My older daughter was the same way, but now she loves riding in the car. I think it just depends on the age/stage/personality of each child. I bet she’ll eventually like it. Hang in there! πŸ™‚

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