29 weeks old

29 weeks old

29 weeks old

And then she gave up the rattle for her favorite toy in the world…her foot of course

29 weeks old

Her whole leg in this case

29 weeks old

Yay! I got it posted on Monday this week!

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7 thoughts on “29 weeks old

    • I know, it kills me to look at “old” pictures of her now.

      Yeah its one of her Bum Genius 3.0 cloth diapers. I love them. We’ve been all cloth for about 2 months now and its great.

    • I really like the Bum Genius for the fact that I don’t have to buy more later and they do work incredibly well. But my favorites are the AppleCheek diapers that I won. They are a fairly new brand of cloth diapers I believe and I really like them.

  1. The last picture is absolute genius!! I was going to say it was one to pull out when she starts dating, but then realised it might send the wrong message. Sorry if that is a creepy thing to say about your baby.

    However, I hope Mano and Torre try to eat their own knees, because I want to take pictures JUST LIKE THIS!

    • Existere,

      Thank you for the genius remark, I like to think I am. Especially because I have a ham for a model. 🙂

      Don’t worry about the slightly creepy comment, I have to censor myself all the time.

      I can’t wait to see Mano and Torre’s pictures period but I’d love to see some that imitate Lily’s.

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