She’s just petite

We went to see the genetic specialists today to find out what he thinks is “wrong” with Lily. Since she’s small (I post her weight every week on the side bar) and has a “odd” shaped head our doctor is certain that we Have To Find The Cause of this. Because we Have To Find The Cause my poor girl has had blood drawn from both arms; which included a chromosome study, 1 failed attempt at a CT scan and a successful one and been to the doctor more times then I can remember. Every test has come back perfectly perfect. Waldo and I stopped worrying about her a long time ago, but we were listening to our doctor because hell she has to know more then us, right?

Today’s doctor-a medical geneticist, asked us a ton of questions about Lily, Waldo and myself including things about our parents and siblings, measured Lily a bunch with a little paper measuring tape and a small plastic ruler, asked more questions about her development, watch Lil perform like a trained seal and looked at her birth marks (which I thought was the weirdest part but apparently those things make a difference). And in the end he told me that I’m short and so is Lily. πŸ™‚

Waldo and I loved that the only tools he used were the paper measuring tape and a tiny plastic ruler. Of course he had her file from our doctor that showed everything that had been done before, but still a PAPER MEASURING TAPE AND CHEAP TINY PLASTIC RULER.

He actually said that her low weight is not a problem because is in line with her shortness; which is the concerning part. But because I’m pretty much the shortest person in my family (and just about the shortest person I know) at 5 feet 1 inch if I’m stretching that day Lily’s shortness isn’t too surprising. He would like to see her have a bigger head but again its proportional with her size and not something to be concerned about unless Lily starts to show signs of developmental delays. And we just had her development assessed last month and she’s fine there too. As for her “odd” shaped head, its the same shape as mine and Waldo’s (for the most part), the geneticists isn’t concerned about that at all.

We are going to see them again in October just for a follow up to make sure Lily is still following her curve, which is so far off the charts its funny. But as long as she stays on her own curve its fine. And only if we want to he would advise us to have another development assessment at 10 months or so.

Just about as soon as we got out of there I called our doctor and told her. I am so glad to have this behind us. I am so glad that Waldo and I know our girl so well and knew that she was perfect and haven’t really worried about this stuff. Seriously what would we worry about anyway because no matter what Lily is our girl and the center of our world and we are going to love her no matter what. And now that her perfectness has been affirmed by a specialists there is no no matter what anyway.

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement through all of this. I so appreciate it all.

And now because I can’t leave you with this post about Lily and not give you a picture or two… and because I love putting her pictures on each post

28 weeks old

Sitting up mostly unsupported

And my current favorite


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4 thoughts on “She’s just petite

  1. What wonderful news!!! Who would have thought that a child would take after her parents? It all just goes to show that Mom & Dad Know Best. You’ve known all along that Lily was perfect – the doctors just needed a little extra convincing!

    I absolutely love that last picture of her just hanging out on the couch. She looks like such a little grown up! I can see why it’s your current favorite πŸ™‚

  2. So happy to hear that all is perfect! The hi-tech tools that were used were used on her blood don’t worry πŸ™‚

    Also to add here I was a teeny tiny baby, weighed less than her at birth (at exactly 40 weeks) was 17 pounds at a year. My mom is 5’2″ so the situation is similar. Although it took me a long time to catch up I made it to 5’6″ my junior year in high school and so I am no longer tiny….my long-winded point is that she may not even end up being little later on…not that there is anything wrong with short people πŸ™‚

  3. She looks perfect to me!

    Both my girls are on the “petite” side too, but they’re both super healthy and active and strong and happy. Sometimes I feel like doctors tend to look for what could be “wrong” instead of just celebrating the fact that all babies are different (which is unfortunate).

    P.S. Her pose in that last picture is adorable.

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