2nd post

So I figured out how to change the date as to when this was posted, but since I didn’t on the first one I’m just going to tell you when it was originally posted.

Originally posted: 5/4/08

Its done!
The house is so clean you can eat off the floor. Not that you would need to, we have clean plates. Ok, we didn’t clean the bedroom. That will have to wait till our long term house guest moves out. We need his bedroom to move stuff into. When he moved in we had to move a table and some other stuff into our already cramped bedroom. It will be nice to walk around the bed again.
We have some plans for the extra bedroom that we can’t wait to put into place. We plan to set up the few exercise machines we have to aid us in our healthier lifestyle mission. Hopefully everything will go well.
More exciting then setting up a treadmill is our vacation that is right around the corner. Its really our honeymoon. It starts in a couple of days. The days leading up to it are going to go really slowly I think.

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