Things I like: Boise

We’ve lived in Boise for almost a month in a half and I thought I’d blog about some of thing things that I like about Boise.

Parks: They are everywhere, I mean everywhere. We live outside of Boise in a little community and I’m pretty sure that every subdivision has their own. And the schools aren’t locked down like they are in California (at least where we lived) so you can go play on the playgrounds there too. Oh and of course there are city parks all over the place and a huge greenbelt. I wasn’t even sure what a greenbelt was before we moved here.

Food Co-Ops: Boise has no Whole Foods or Trader Joes: kill me dead right now, or I thought so before we moved here. Boise has a great food co-op store that is bigger than the Trader Joe’s in Fresno: The Boise Co-op. I can find just about everything that I need there. Yes it’s more expensive than Trader Joes, but close in price to Whole Foods and right on in the price department of what we were used to paying at the little organic foods stores in Montana.

Besides the Co-op I have found two other ways to get good fresh organic produce. Bountiful Basket and Full Circle Farm. I’ll talk more about these in another post, but I’m going to say that I LOVE them.

The people: Oh how I missed these people when I was in California. I’m going to admit that I’m not a super social person and I’m shy, but I am a people person. I know, very confusing. I love polite, nice people. I love smiling at people as our eyes meet while we pass each other on the street, or in the store. I love people that hold the door for you. I love stopping someone in Costco asking where they bought their daughter’s crown and having a quick conversation and I love being stopped in a different Costco by a woman that needed to borrow my pen. The people are so nice.

Oh I remembered one more thing, the Babywearing! Boise is a babywearing city. Everywhere I go I see a Mom or occasionally a Dad wearing a little peanut. Mostly they are using Bjorns, but I have seen a lot of mei tais and Moby’s and one beautiful green woven wrap in Old Navy. I stopped and told that Mom how pretty her wrap was, I couldn’t not.

So far I love Boise.

Writer’s block

When I’m laying in bed at night I have blog posts writing in my head while I try to go to sleep. When I am sitting in the car I have stories on an endless loop in my head. When I’m cooking dinner I have ideas a plenty. But when I sit down in front of my keyboard I have nothing to say. I just stare blankly at my screen and the little blinking cursor. I know I have a lot to talk about but I just can’t seem to get it out my fingers. I have a ton of cute pictures to share but they aren’t uploaded yet and I just know that the second I start something Lily is going to wake up/want to nurse/ want to eat and it seems to daunting to even start.
I need to keep a note pad with me at all times to keep track of all these great ideas. Hey maybe I could find an app for my phone that would be useful for this. I think my phone might make a good post so I’m off to find some more apps.

My Little Yo Gabba Gabba Addict

From the time that I was pregnant I had planned to limit Lily’s TV time and we did a pretty good job of it… until now.  We had showed Lily some clips from Yo Gabba Gabba a  few times over the last six months or so and she really showed no interest.  Then a few weeks ago Waldo turned on a episode on the living room tv and I think Lily finally saw all the dancing and now she’s head over heals addicted.  We didn’t know how strong the addiction was until later in the day when she came up to me and pointed to my computer and said “Dabba Dabba”.  I was shocked!  Now she asks for it on the TV, our computers and our phones all the time.  Sometimes we give in, sometimes we don’t.

The first I had heard of YGG was a clip I saw on Whoorl and I thought it was crazy.

I showed it to Waldo and he loved it. It is so colorful and good natured and old school that he knew he wanted to share it with Lily. After I saw another episode I knew I loved it too. I even saw a episode where they were telling kids not to eat things off the ground, I mean really, I am forever saying “we don’t eat floor food”, there is no three second rule in our house.

Each episode is full of good kid friendly lessons, dancing and music and sometimes really cool bands and actors.

Lily is in good company when it comes to her YGG addiction. I know that Gretchen, Maia and Em are also hug fans.

The one about Goals

I have never really made a written list of Goals for myself and the other day I was ready a blog (sorry I don’t remember which one) and she was talking about her “life list) and it got me thinking.  Oh yeah, I was reading She Likes Purple, I just love her and her son.  I’m going to start small with my Goals.  If this goes well maybe I’ll move on to larger, loftier goals.

  1. Open a local bank account.  Okay, I actually mean a Credit Union account because after working at a great Credit Union for 6 years I don’t think I can ever bank at a bank again.  I don’t even know if we need a local account but I feel like we should get one.  I have no intention of closing the account we had at my previous place of employment, all of our bills are set up for auto debit and our checks get direct deposited.  Our debit and credit card is there, I know how it works and I know a lot of the employees. I feel it would be good to start an account here for little things and maybe start a relationship that might work into a house someday.
  2. Find out about first time home buyer loans and get the loan app.  I’m starting small with just the loan app.  I’ll add buying a house to a longer goal list someday.
  3. Visit family or friends for at least 1 hour a week.  I know that doesn’t sound like much of a goal, but I have found that between working, Lily and her nap and everyday life visiting anyone at all is a challenge.
  4. Blog more.  I really want to get up to 3 posts a week, if not more.

z                                   ‘p17160;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[””””””””””’;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/;’/???????????–Lily says HI.

I think this is a nice little list of Goals.  I’ll revisit it in a month and see how I did.


I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth but I am in the process of uprooting our lives to move back to California. I’ll talk more about the move later, we are taking lots of pictures and are pretty excited about it. For the next couple of weeks I will be continuing my not-posting-at-all streak, but I will be back eventually.

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