Things I like: Boise

We’ve lived in Boise for almost a month in a half and I thought I’d blog about some of thing things that I like about Boise.

Parks: They are everywhere, I mean everywhere. We live outside of Boise in a little community and I’m pretty sure that every subdivision has their own. And the schools aren’t locked down like they are in California (at least where we lived) so you can go play on the playgrounds there too. Oh and of course there are city parks all over the place and a huge greenbelt. I wasn’t even sure what a greenbelt was before we moved here.

Food Co-Ops: Boise has no Whole Foods or Trader Joes: kill me dead right now, or I thought so before we moved here. Boise has a great food co-op store that is bigger than the Trader Joe’s in Fresno: The Boise Co-op. I can find just about everything that I need there. Yes it’s more expensive than Trader Joes, but close in price to Whole Foods and right on in the price department of what we were used to paying at the little organic foods stores in Montana.

Besides the Co-op I have found two other ways to get good fresh organic produce. Bountiful Basket and Full Circle Farm. I’ll talk more about these in another post, but I’m going to say that I LOVE them.

The people: Oh how I missed these people when I was in California. I’m going to admit that I’m not a super social person and I’m shy, but I am a people person. I know, very confusing. I love polite, nice people. I love smiling at people as our eyes meet while we pass each other on the street, or in the store. I love people that hold the door for you. I love stopping someone in Costco asking where they bought their daughter’s crown and having a quick conversation and I love being stopped in a different Costco by a woman that needed to borrow my pen. The people are so nice.

Oh I remembered one more thing, the Babywearing! Boise is a babywearing city. Everywhere I go I see a Mom or occasionally a Dad wearing a little peanut. Mostly they are using Bjorns, but I have seen a lot of mei tais and Moby’s and one beautiful green woven wrap in Old Navy. I stopped and told that Mom how pretty her wrap was, I couldn’t not.

So far I love Boise.

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