6 months old

My Sweet girl is 6 months old now, I can’t hardly believe it. Where did the time go? It doesn’t seem like 6 months ago I was at the hospital asking what I was suppose to do with the squirmy little thing when we got her home. The doctor and nurse giggled.

Dear Lily,

My goodness this last month was a busy one for you my little sweet girl. You have had a few “firsts”, you grew a lot and you really matured. Some time over this last month people have pretty much stopped stopping us in every store to comment on how tiny you are. We still get told that you are beautiful all the time but rare are the amazingly tiny comments.

Some of the cool things from this past month are:

You had your first food
Lily's first food

You rolled back to front at our breastfeeding group, twice now.  It was on a table and scared/surprised me.

You giggled this sweet back of your throat spurt giggles (sort of like deep sort of cough but not really) and you only laugh when you are good and ready too.  Which I hear is a family trait.
26 weeks old

We have worked out a pretty good night time routine which includes a massage that you LOVE.

You have started to not scream every time I put you in the car seat.  You still cry I’d say 75% of the time but that 25% is a heavenly drive.

We celebrated your first father’s day
Lily and Daddy on Father's day

You are still wearing mostly 0-3 month clothes but some of the 3-6 month stuff sorta fits. In fact the cute purple outfit you wore in you week 26 picture is 0-3 and just about falls off.

You are finally using all those cloth diapers we bought before you were born. I love them. And one nice side effect is they help hold your pants up.

getting so big

You are my Buddy, my Partner in crime, my best friend.

Sorry I’m a couple of days late again.

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3 thoughts on “6 months old

  1. What a sweet post! It’s obvious that you adore her.

    My 3 1/2 month old baby isn’t a fan of the car either. It just breaks my heart to hear her cry so we don’t go out-and-about much. In time, I’m sure that will change…

  2. Oh! I just LOVE this post! It seems Lily and Little One are so similar in many ways. From

    Everything from the starting off so teeny tiny, to not so amazingly small anymore…to finally fitting into cloth diapers…

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