First solid (sorta) food – nom nom nom

This past Sunday Lily had her first bit of sorta solid food. We went with homemade rice cereal. I wouldn’t have attempted making my own but Lindsey had just done a post about making her own and it seemed really simple so I went with it. It was really simple. I used organic sweet brown rice, which gave a nice little bit of sweetness to the cereal which was nice.

At first Lily had no idea what to do with the gloopy stuff I was putting in her mouth. But with each bite she got more and more of a hang of it. It was amazing to watch the little gears working.

First bite
Lily's first food

Rice cereal bubble
Lily's first food

The fingers are tasty too
Lily's first food

Lily's first food

Lily's first food

The food was everywhere by the end of it
Lily's first food

This is my first attempt at video editing.

Lily’s first solid food from Christy Wiggins on Vimeo.

Check out for more homemade baby food recipes and information.Β  Its a great reasource.

*post edited to add links*

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5 thoughts on “First solid (sorta) food – nom nom nom

  1. LOL, her little face when you give her the rice cereal… kind of an “um… what?” look. So cute. She’s soooo gorgeous, too, in the video. Love that she keeps reaching for the spoon; that’s such a familiar motion. And her little smile omg, and her sparkly eyes… (as you can tell I’m typing this comment as I watch the video).

    Also, LOL EATING THE BUMBO, Maia does that too.

    Seriously, she’s incredibly pretty in this video. Not that she’s ever not pretty, but she’s REALLY pretty in the vid.

  2. She really seemed to enjoy her cereal! I’ve got to agree with Tatiana and say that Lily looks exceptionally stunning in your video πŸ™‚

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  4. What fun! My baby girl will likely be eating her first foods in just a few short months as well. I think I might follow that rice cereal recipe that you linked to. It looks simple enough.

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