7 weeks pregnant

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks which according to the internet is the earliest you can find out. For the first two weeks I felt fine, tired sometimes, really really tired, but fine. Then I hit 6 weeks and that’s where this pregnancy is so different from Lily’s. When Lily I felt tired, but never really sick. I only threw up two times and after tossing I felt great. Otherwise I don’t remember ever complaining that I was nauseous. This time it’s nausea-city, and that’s not a place I ever wanted to visit, much less live in. I’m not throwing up, and sometimes I wish I would because I think I might feel better after, but than again maybe not.  I’m figuring out how to get it under control, but it sucks. Crackers and other easy to eat things are stashed around the house for easy access.

Speaking of eating just like with Lily I can’t eat that much at one time. But unlike with Lil I need to eat more often. I’ll eat and be full and fine, nauseous but fine for a while and then a few hours later (give or take depending on what I last ate) suddenly I need to eat, no I take that back I MUST EAT something and quickly, don’t get in my way, give me food, just a few bites will do but I need it like 5 minutes ago.

Another difference is that my boobs are already filling out, which is nice because with the weight that I’ve lost this year my boobs had um…deflated and shrank a little so the fullness at this point is very much appreciated.  With Lily my boobs never changed, I know it’s weird, but they didn’t.

While I’m talking about my boobs, they have been sore. I know this is a normal thing, but I didn’t really have it with Lily either. My boobs being sore was the first thing I noticed and when it didn’t go away after a day or two and my period was MIA and my temp stayed high I took a test. At this point my boobs aren’t nearly as sore, but if I bump them hardish they still feel sore.

Since this is going to be our last baby I want to do my best to document this better than I did with Lily. Hopefully you’ll see at least a tiny blerb of a post each week. That’s my goal, we’ll see how I do. Keep me accountable please.

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