Random Mobile Shots

Lily painting the zoo

Lily wanted to paint the zoo. This the the giraffe house and a giraffe.

Lily painted the zoo

The finished zoo. Along with me taking a picture of the giraffe, Lily and Waldo and the little brown things watching the lions. The female lion is wearing a tutu and the male is riding on her back while holding a glass of water. There’s a zebra on the top along with a carousal , that’s the red thing on the top corner.

Taking a closer look during our walk

We went for a walk last week and she she had to bring her binoculars so she could check things out.

Modeling the shirt we decorated

Lily has been very unhappy because the shirt I decorated with Minnie Mouse for her birthday has been retired so I finally made her a new one and she helped me add extra things (like the face).

Modeling the shirt we decorated

The finished drawing that Lily did from the restraunt last week

This is the drawing that Lil was working on at dinner last week.

Going up the slide

Going up the slide at a playground that we finally decided to check out, after two years. We’ve been back like 5 times in the last two weeks. We should have gone sooner.

Going down.

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