9 months old

Dear Lily,

You are 9 months old.  You have now spent more time outside in my arms then you did kicking me from the inside.  Its kind of strange, when I was pregnant I had trouble imagining having a 1 month old or a 3 month old now I have a 9 month old!

9 months old

You are getting so big and changing so much that I had to start this weeks ago so I didn’t forget any of the fun things you are learning and doing.

You are talking up a storm and its not just the sweet breathy sighs that we’ve gotten used to, you are telling us whole stories and using lots of m’s and b’s and d’s.  H is still your favorite and you added F recently.  Its great.  Just like all your other milestones you talked all day long on labor day and then didn’t use any of your new “words” for days after.  I thought I had maybe dreamed the whole thing up.  But now it is a all day every day thing and I love it.

9 months old

You even tell us what’s going on when you cry.  Its hilarious, most of the time now you don’t just cry you babble and scream.  I’m sure one day I’ll understand what your saying but for now its all just cute little noises.

You have started that very scary practice of pulling yourself up.  It started with your crib.  The only time you’re in it is when I’m hanging up laundry and one day you just stood up like you have been doing it for years.  Now you pull yourself up on your bouncer and Daddy’s desk, really anything you can get your hands on.  You haven’t pulled up on the couch yet but I think that’s because its really squishy and you don’t feel secure there.

By the way its scary for me not for you.  I’m scared you are going to hurt yourself.

9 months old

You love taking steps.  If I hold your hands you will take a few very odd unproductive steps and you just think its great.  You also will take one or two steps around furniture but luckily for me its just been one or two.

You are still perfecting your crawl.  Its still a flop type thing but you do it so well and get around all over the living room.

9 months old

Its so funny you will start to crawl away from me and then look back at me and smile from ear to ear.  Its like you are making sure I’m still there and I promise Baby Girl I will ALWAYS be there.

You are growing up before my eyes and its wonderful, amazing, sad, bittersweet and fantastic all at the same time. Keep it up.

9 months old



I will always be there

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