AppleCheeks cloth diapers

I have been cloth diapering Lily for about 9 months now and I love it. I find them easy to use, Lily has had almost no rashes and they look darn cute.

AppleCheeks Diapers

One of the reasons I wanted to use cloth from the beginning is the money saving aspect. Yes you have to put out for a large investment in the beginning, but I don’t have to work diaper money into our already tight budget each month. Because of this I have only really used the diapers we bought before Lily was born and I don’t have a huge stash of fluffy choices like I’ve seen on other people’s blogs. I have been very happy with the pocket diapers we bought, but was very excited to have a chance to try out something new and different. AppleCheeks sent me one size 2 cover in the lovely St. Lucia color, a bamboo insert and a wetbag.

AppleCheeks Diaper

The cover has a wonderful wide envelope opening that is more in the center of the diaper rather then on one end like the other diapers that I have. I really like this because they seem easier to stuff and I don’t have to unstuff it before I throw it in the washer. At first I was skeptical that the insert would come out on its own, but it does every time, I think this is my favorite feature of all. AppleCheeks are also unique in that you don’t have use it as a pocket diaper, you can simply set the inset in the cover; that way when the kiddo needs to be changed you just put a new insert and reuse the cover. I really like that aspect and use it mostly when I’m getting close to needing to wash diapers again, it’s a great way to stretch your stash. Another nice thing about AppleCheeks diapers is the size range, they are one size diapers but the sizes are generous. They come in two sizes, size 1 fits from 7 – 20lbs, and size 2 fits from 20 – 40lbs.

The diaper I was sent to review is size 2 and Lily only weighs 18 pounds so it isn’t a perfect fit, however it impressed me every time I put it on her as there were no leaks and that is what diapers are all about.

AppleCheeks Diapers

While AppleCheeks offers a great selection of solid colors I would love to see some prints or patterns.  I think some polka dot diapers would be adorable.  AppleCheeks are on the higher end cost wise but they are very well made and worth the cost. I am certain that this diaper will last forever and Lily’s future siblings will be wearing it.

AppleCheeks provided me with a diaper to review, all opinions are my own.

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8 thoughts on “AppleCheeks cloth diapers

  1. I recently got an AppleCheeks diaper after stalking every blog giveaway going on and finally buying on babyhalfoff when they were featured. I’ve only used it once but I loved it! It was so soft inside and the fit is perfect on my chunky guy. No red thighs or digging into the belly. I hope one day I can buy more!
    Great review!

    • Hi Candace,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      I wish I had seen the AppleCheeks on babyhalfoff before they were all sold out. I would love to pad my stash a little. I’m really glad that you love your Applecheeks diapers already. I think they are great.

  2. I love cloth diapers, too! Too bad I can’t get my bf to use them. He is deathly afraid/disgusted by poop.

    Great review!

    Also – thank you for reading and commenting on my blog =)


    • Hi TomTheGirl,

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I had a lot of fun with this review.

      I have to say the thing with poop and cloth diapers is that it seems more scary then it is. I have a little sprayer attached to my toilet and when the poop won’t fall off on it’s own i just spray it off. No fuss or muss.
      I hope your health continues to improve. Good luck.

      Hope to see you back again.

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