Ballet attempt 2

We decided to give Lily another try at ballet a few weeks ago. It turned out to be perfect timing because the dance school she was in before was just about to start their winter dance session. We talked to Lil about it and she was super excited and we explained what we expected of her this time; that she had to be a good listener and do what the teacher said. We also informed her that I wouldn’t be staying in the class with her the whole time. She was fine with the first things, the second made her lip tremble a bit. We told her we’d work up to me not being in the room.

We had the first class last week and it went so much better than we expected. The class was a lot smaller which helped a lot and Lil’s more mature so that was a big help. I’m not holding my breath that she’s going to be Angelina Ballerina at the end of the 6 weeks, but as long as she has fun and listens well I’ll be thrilled.

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