Random Mobile Shots

I’m trying to do one of the photo-a-day challenges this month. I’ve missed a few days, but I’m trying to not be too hard on my self on those days and just remembering to do it the next day.  Most of these pictures are from that challenge.

My pretty new purse.
My new purse. #FMSPHOTOADAY mine

It has been snowing A LOT here the last week or so.
I assure you that there is a street under all that snow. #FMSPHOTOADAY street

Cat tracks in the snow.
Tracks in the snow. #FMSPHOTOADAY something beginning with T.

Just about every time we head out to play in the snow I fill up a few squeeze bottles with colored water for Lil to play with. she loves them. This time we went out I grabbed one of the sand table toys, it was a ice cream truck mold. I totally thought the snow would release from the mold easily and that is so not what happened. After a few failed attempts of straight snow trucks, I decided to try adding some of the colored water to them to help hold the snow together. It worked well the first time and the layers of color looked cool. The next attempt was a fail too.
Behold the colorful snow ice cream truck. I really thought the sand mold would work better than it did. This was the only one that worked out of 5 tries. #snowfun

Lily wanted to make a diaper for her baby so we made one out of paper.
#FMSPHOTOADAY paper. Lil wanted to make a paper diaper for one of her babies.

We went to the aquarium last Sunday and Lily used her new camera. She loves taking pictures.
My future photographer.

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