Catching up again

I haven’t been posting much lately for a whole host of reasons. I have been busy with home-preschool (posts to follow at some fricking point), holidays (posts to follow about this too), work (you don’t need a post about this boring stuff), deaths (so sad and posts to come about this too) and because of the deaths lots of trips to California (posts and pictures galore about this). Beyond being busy with life I think I’ve also been a bit depressed, which is a new thing for me. I’m working on getting past the depression or whatever it is and in the two or so weeks since I first started this post I’m doing much better. I think working on this here piece of the innerweb of mine will help that too. I love seeing all of the fun that I have with my family put down to paper…er keyboard and looking back at it later.

The point of all of this is to say that you can look forward to picture posts from over the last year published randomly.  My goal is to keep you guessing what season/holiday you’ll see next.

I have been going through my pictures lately and I’m astonished at all of the pictures that have never been uploaded and I’m going to remedy that.  So let the fun begin.

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