Jinxyisms #2


This is truely a Waldoisms, as my husband came up with it in reference to Lily’s teensy-ness.   When we’re out and about we hear a lot of “oh she’s new” or “how tiny” and that sort of thing.  One day Waldo said that people can’t get over her teensatude.  I thought it was really cute.

My teensy girl

My teensy girl


A Jinxyisms is a phrase or word that I use regularly in my vocabulary.  Sometimes made up but mostly the words are changed or combined.

My favorite Jinxyisms is divorcaversary.  The anniversary of ones divorce. For me it was an important date to remember and celebrate.

Does anyone else have any “isms”?

Lilys legs are getting chubby :)

Lily's legs are getting chubby 🙂 and strong

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