Lily’s babyisms

Tonight just a couple of minutes after Lily laid down for the night she picked her head up and just about killed me with the sweetness that came out of her mouth.

“Sometimes at night when I crawl up into your bed I stop at your tummy and whisper really quietly ‘goodnight’ to the baby”

“Really, that is so very sweet. Do you want me to stand up so you can tell the baby goodnight right now”

Lily’s whole face lights up as she takes in my words. “Yes of course I want to”

I stand up on my knees so my belly is at the right height and she bends down and no matter how hard I strain I can’t hear what she says, but she whispers something to my belly for a moment or two and then lays back down.

With tears in my eyes I kiss her head and tell her that she is “the sweetest thing ever” and then I say “You already love our baby so much don’t you?”

“Yes of course I do and if it’s a girl I’ll really like her too.”

Backward airplane

I don’t know what else to call it, but backward airplane seems to sort of work. Anyway Lil loves to stand in my hands and then once she grabs my feet I lift her up and once up in the air she lets go of my feet and sort of growls. This is her new favorite thing and she wants to do it all. the. time.

Last week she wanted me to take a picture of her doing this little trick. It was very hard to get it, but I decided to try and get a video while I was at it. My phone was laying on my belly since I didn’t have any extra hands to hold the phone. I took like 6 videos and only two were sort of ok and I decided to only share this one.


My Mother in Law (Rita) called me over to the couch with a hushed voice the other day, she had a Lily story to tell me and didn’t want Lil to know how cute she thought this little story was. Rita told me that day before when Lily was playing with her in Rita’s bedroom Lily told her and Papa “When I’m not a good listener and Mama tells me no I lay down on the ground like this (Rita demonstrates by spreading her arms out in front of her head while she pretends to lay on the ground) and I melt like a puddle”. I had to laugh. Whenever Lily starts to throw a fit (which thankfully isn’t that often) we call it a meltdown; although Lily hardly ever lays on the ground during her fits). Lily has heard that and interpreted it in her own way. I love how her little mind works.

Look, I’m not big enough

The other day I was scouting for some new clothes for Lil and I asked her what she thought of a winter dress. She looked at it for a few moments and took a few steps back from my computer and said “Look Mama, I’m not big enough for that” and when I turned around she was holding her arms out and showing me that’s how big she was. I laughed and said ‘You’re probably right, it’s way too big for you’, even though it was a 4T and would only be a little big right now.

Later I saw a cute winter top and asked her for her opinion again and she thought about it and took a few steps back and this time with her arms stretched wide said “yeah, that will fit perfectly. Get that one Mama”.

I didn’t end up ordering anything right then, but I loved Lily’s responses to my questions. She’s had a good grasp of language for a long while now and we have had millions of conversations, but lately the conversations are more…real. More complete. More interesting and fun. My girl is growing up so fast and it’s a pleasure to be a witness to it.

Lily and Mommy self-portrait

*The picture has nothing to do with the post really, I just liked it.

Stuff that makes me LOL

I freely admit that I liked 50 Shades Of Grey. It was a fun read, even with all of the bad writing.

I saw this on another blog and it made me giggle like a school girl.

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