Girl Talk Thursday- $50.00

Mommy Melee started Girl Talk Thursday.  Go show her some love and check out Mr. Linky.

This week Mommy Melee wants to know what we would do with $50.00 guilt free.

My feet are looking totally unloved what with not being able to reach them while pregnant and now not having time to scrub them properly I would love a pedicure.  Oh yes I would love to have someone massage and scrub my feet, oh and paint my toe nails a great shade of red or purple.

Darn now I totally need to figure out how to come up with some money.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “Girl Talk Thursday- $50.00

  1. I think I’m the only person in the world who hates getting a pedicure. I love how my feet look and feel afterward but I’m so damn ticklish that it’s just awkward. LOL

  2. A LOT of people voted pedi! I like getting them but like Annette said sometimes I feel overly ticklish. I also sometimes start feeling bad for the girl giving me the pedicure! Silly, but it bugs me out.

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