Girl Talk Thursday – lingerie

Mommy Melee started Girl Talk Thursday.  Go show her some love and check out Mr. Linky.  This week we are talking about lingerie.

In all honesty I don’t own much lingerie.   I have  a corset but I’ve never worn it.  I feel silly in it.  I know that sound weird and I’m not a prude but I feel weird in it.  I guess it because I’m a plump girl and I have some body image issues but those are usually few and far between.

Another reason I don’t own much lingerie is because Waldo doesn’t care about it.  I usually sleep in yoga pants and no top.  Its much easier to nurse Lily laying down topless and I don’t leak (never have) so I don’t need to sleep with breast pads.  Although even before Lily I slept dressed just like this, I like the skin to skin contact when we snuggle and a shirt just gets in the way.  🙂

I did a search for fun and these were my favs.

***** edited because my pictures vanished.  Boo*****

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2 thoughts on “Girl Talk Thursday – lingerie

  1. Sleeping with no top is new to me! I slept with loose tank top before so I would nurse easily, slipping it out from the sides so I didn’t need to pull the tank top up. 🙂

    Ah, this post brought memories when I was breastfeeding 5 almost 6 years ago!!

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