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Mommy Melee started Girl Talk Thursday.  Go show her some love and check out Mr. Linky.  This week we are talking about lingerie.

Up until I left my ex I had cable and the first thing I did when I got home was turn the TV on, even if it was just background noise. Every night we would veg in front of the TV or our computer screens with the TV playing something that would catch our interests for a second.

When I was single for a year and a half I couldn’t afford cable and didn’t care about the 1 channel I could get with bunny ears so I just watched movies and read a lot.

After Waldo and I got together we got cable for a couple of months but it was a waste of money. We watched the occasional food network show and the same stuff we had been downloading, watching on or on DVD.  So we canceled it.  I do miss Good Eats, Alton Brown is my favorite.  It works out better this way though.

I do love a few shows.  Bones is one of my favorite things to watch.  I really enjoyed Angel.  Do you see a connection? I also love The Office (UK and US versions), 30 Rock, Scrubs, Friends and we’re giving Park and Recs a chance.

I just found this British show Green Wing on Hulu and I love it, it cracks me up even though I don’t understand everything they say.  There are actually a few BBC shows that I love, Coupling was my first it was the best, Black Books, Spaced and The IT Crowd to name a few.

I never got into reality shows too much.  I did really like the first few seasons of Real World and Road Rules, now they are just a bunch of punk ass kids.  Man I’m old.  🙂  I do really like Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.  I watched a season or two of America’s Next Top Model but lost interest in it.

I watch a lot of hulu while I’m nursing.

This is a clip from The IT Crowd.  When we first started watching it my Hubby was doing Internet Tech Support, which made this all that much funnier.

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