Going on a bike ride

A few years ago Waldo bought a really nice bike and he loved riding whenever he could, but since I had no bike and no desire to join him his pleasure rides were few and far between. Then a few weeks ago something changed in me and I decided that going on bike rides would be great family time and a great way to get some much needed exercise into our lives. We looked around at Target and Walmart for bikes and trailers and while they have a wide selection with a range of prices, we decided to spend a little more money and buy from a locally owned bike store. We are so happy that we did. We got a really good deal and I love helping out a local business. We bought my bike, Lily’s trailer and a helmet for Lil and got some maintenance done on Waldo’s bike from the shop, the owner did a little jig as we walked out.

My bike

Before we hooked it up we let Lily sit in the trailer in the living room and since the trailer can be used as a stroller I took her for a little walk around the block so that she’d be comfortable in it.

trailer used as a stroller

We know better then to just throw Lily into something big and new and call it good. She needs time to adjust and get to know something first. Once she was okay with it we hooked the trailer to Waldo’s bike and let Lily watch him go for a ride out in front of the house. She thought this was great.

Waldo's first ride with the trailer

Our new bike trailer

I hadn’t ridden a bike in at least 20 years so I was very scared to get on my bike for the first time, but the old saying is right on, you never forget how to ride a bike. What the saying fails to mention is the balance takes a little practice to get back. The first time I braved my bike I felt so shaky I was shocked that I was staying upright. After a short ride I returned to the house and Waldo (with Lily in the trailer) followed me around the block and the following conversation ensued:
Waldo “see, you are already much less shaky”
me “oh you could see that”
W “you looked like you had Parkinson’s.”  I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my bike.

I am much more comfortable at this point and weather permitting we go on a ride just about every night after dinner. It has been wonderful and the best part is that Lily will tell us at some point during the day “we go on a bike ride together later”. The “together” part is my favorite.

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