Hi Mama

A few weekends ago we took a quick and unexpected although very nice trip to visit some of Waldo’s family by the coast. We never made it to the ocean, but we had a great time. I have met his Aunt Shelby and cousin Keri once or twice before, but haven’t really had a chance to sit and chat. We stayed with Keri and after we got our respective kids to bed we sat outside for hours chatting, it was really nice. I hope to do it again before we move (that’s another post, to be made very soon).

For a while we have been planning on buying Lily a tricycle, but haven’t felt in too big of a hurry until now. She had a blast on Waldo’s cousin’s son’s tricycle.

Tempelton 6-26-11

Daddy's helping Lily go! go! go!

Tempelton 6-26-11

Just look at that concentration. She means business.


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