I am so proud

We have been dealing with a nasty diaper rash over here. Well it’s not truly a diaper rash, more like a few raised blisters. We cloth diaper and I’m 99% sure that the blisters were a result of using my brother-in-law’s washer when we first moved here. They use normal conventional laundry soap and fabric softeners, you know the things that normal people use, not the stuff that crunchy, cloth diapering, chemical avoiding weirdos use. Because we used their washer for about 2 1/2 weeks the buildup from the laundry soap was pretty bad. Anyway, the point is that I’m working on clearing up this apparently painful “rash” on Lily and part of that is of course trying to strip our diapers, but also trying everything in my natural rash clearing up kit. I’ve tried coconut oil, oatmeal baths, salt water baths, calendula oil, Rescue Cream and a few other things I’m sure. I’ve also tried to have Lil run around diaper-less as often as possible. But she hates being diaper-less and I’m not too fond of it myself. We have gotten those blisters just about cleared up a number of times and then something will happen to set them back again, mostly she will have a poop that I don’t smell and she doesn’t complain about and sits in it for a little too long.

Well yesterday I decided that I was so over these blisters, as is Lil so we I’m making sure she’s commando as often as possible. I moved her little potty chair to the family room where we spend most of our time and reminded Lil that that when she felt her body telling her it was time to go, she could go right there. Back story: She’s used the potty a number of times, just not consistently or very often. We aren’t pushing her to potty train, I want her to do it when she’s ready, but I won’t complain when I don’t have diaper laundry to do anymore either. Back to my point.

I was working at my computer and she was drawing at her easel and I hear “oops”. I remind her that accidents are fine, but that the potty is there when she needs it. A little later, like 30 minutes or so, I hear “oops” again. I go through the whole thing again. After a diapered nap and lunch we go back to the family room and I strip her and remind her of the potty chair.

I’m working at my computer again and she walks up to me and says “I listened to my body”, I get up and tell her to hurry to her potty. She responds with “no I already did, see!” And she had. This happened two more times!!! before bed! The last time, she had to get out of the bath to take care of business.

I don’t know what will happen when we wake up tomorrow, but this was awesome. It was like a little light went off in her head and she put the pieces together. I’m sure we will spend a lot more diaper-less time for the next few days because those blisters looked much better tonight, but not gone yet so hopefully it will help to reinforce using the potty.

Does anyone have any other diaper rash solutions for me to try?

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