Random Mobile Shots

Lily loves to draw, I mean she seriously LOVES it.



This particular night I was taking a shower and she was hanging out with Waldo in his office. She gets to draw with Daddy’s cool bright highlighters when they hang out in there and it is so exciting for her. She also gets to use Daddy’s work note pads, which is very cool.

The next morning Waldo walked into the family room and showed me how she had colored on all but like 6 pieces of paper on his new pad. I think it’s funny, he finds it a little annoying, but annoying in that Daddy’s Girl can do no wrong kind of way.

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One thought on “Random Mobile Shots

  1. That is too funny! Amelia does the same thing – she has to color on EVERY SINGLE PAGE, even if it is just a small scribble or circle. Great minds think alike, I guess!

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