If the zoo really did hold a talent show Lily would win

I think Olivia has an episode about talent shows so for a while Lily was all about them. It goes along perfectly with Lil’s love of dance. These days when she hears a song she likes she can’t help but dance to it, even if it’s just to wiggle her shoulders. I love this trait and hope that she keeps it.

This was at the zoo a month or two ago. The zoo has this great African musical instrument outside the lion exhibit. Lil never even noticed it till a few months ago, now it’s her favorite thing there. In these videos Waldo is laying down the mad beats with the neat instrument.

*Sorry the second video is sideways. I told youtube to turn it and it says ok, then it’s all f-you, I’m not doing S for you.  Man having a three year old is playing havoc with my language.

I guess in the end youtube did what I asked, yay!

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