I’m in so much trouble now

I put Lily in her crib so I could fold a couple towels.  She was in a sitting position and decided that she wanted to try something new.  I shouldn’t have been surprised because she pulls herself up on our fingers all the time, but I was.  I ran and got the camera and put her in a sitting position again.  Instantly she stood up again.

Once she fell over she couldn’t figure out how to get her hands high enough to pull up again so I put her on her butt again so I could record it again.

Standiing in her crib from Christy Wiggins on Vimeo.

Her crib has been at its lowest since the family visit (btw I promise I’m working on part 2 and will publish it soon) because Jude slept in it. I had been planning on moving it back up but hadn’t yet, I guess I won’t bother now.


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