Cat food, feeding tubes and big bowls

A couple of years ago we took my cat Jingle to the vet because she was vomiting (we call it haurking) more often then normal. I have to put it that way because this cat has haurked all her life and she always does it in threes. The first one is the biggest, then she’ll walk around to a clean spot on the floor and do it again and then just for fun she finds another clean spot and dribbles a little more. Sometimes there’s something to clean up at all three spots other times there’s nothing but foam that soaks into the carpet before I can get a paper towel. Anyway she was doing this sometimes a couple or more times a day so we took her to the vet. He couldn’t find anything wrong with her but gave her a worm pill just in case she has some kind of lovely parasite and prescribed this super expensive cat food.

We have three cats that have free access to food, so all three cats had to start eating this super expensive cat food. None of them liked it but they had no choice, we don’t feed them people food so it was eat the food in the bowl or don’t eat. By the way they are indoor cats, so they don’t have the option of fending for themselves in the wild.

After a couple of days Jingle was better, just haurking once or three times a week which was pretty normal. We were afraid to switch from the super expensive cat food in case that was the key for Jingle besides we knew from past experience that you shouldn’t just switch a cats food, you should slowly incorporate the new food in with the old food.

Then one day we got home and there was a bread bag in the floor of the living room with bits of bread everywhere. It looks like Hansel and Gretel had been by. Since we weren’t there to know who or why no cats got in trouble. Things like this started happening more often. Then one day I was home and heard a noise from the kitchen caught Waldo’s cat Kitty eating bread or tortillias. So we started putting all that stuff in the fridge (because they could open the cupboards). And then a month or so later we noticed Kitty was very lethargic and getting skinny.

To the vet Kitty went and she stayed there for a couple of days because she was almost dead and had jaundice. They weren’t sure what the problem was. Apparently when a cat gets unhappy and doesn’t eat for a couple of days their livers and kidneys start to shut down and they well… they die. Something like $900 later and a feeding tube for two weeks Kitty is fine.


All of this is to say that we are very careful about what we feed them now. Since they all hated that super expensive cat food we switched over to a less expensive but still pricey natural cat food that everyone seemed to enjoy. Well no one has died from it yet so I think we’re good. But I don’t feel they ever loved it like they loved the food they had before all this vet stuff started.

So a couple of days ago Waldo and I decided that we couldn’t keep spending so much money on cat food and we needed to switch back to Purina. I went to the pet store and bought another bag of the pricey natural stuff and at Target we bought some Purina. When I got home I pulled the super huge bowl out and dumped both kinds of food in and started mixing it. Kitty though she had surely died and went to heaven.




I missed the picture of her taking a bite before I shooed her away so I could put the food away.

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3 thoughts on “Cat food, feeding tubes and big bowls

  1. Every time I saw this post’s title in my Reader, I thought it said “big bowels”, and that’s why I avoided reading it because I was like seriously? you are going to write about your cat’s bowels? I thought maybe it was a guest post by Existere or something 😛

    That cat is so happy to see that food! And can I say — that food actually looks like really yummy lentils & beans in a stew. I can’t believe your cat almost died from getting depressed over not being able to eat bread. A cat with a carb addiction? Consider Kitty my kindred spirit. I also want to mention how funny it is that you have a cat named Kitty. When I had a cat, I couldn’t figure out what to name her, so I ended up naming her “KiKi”, short for…. KITTY KITTY.

    • Tatiana,

      Its really funny because when I first wrote the title up I did write “big bowels”. The title was the last thing I did and I was in a hurry because Lily’s nap had just ended. When Waldo read it he pointed out my spelling error. Oops. I guess that’s what I get for being in a hurry.

      When Waldo first got Kitty he didn’t know what to call her and it was just the two of them in the apartment so he just called her Kitty. I feel its going to be slightly confusing to Lily when she gets a little older, but what can I do now?

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