Interview with a 3 year old

I had heard of kid interviews on a few blogs over the last few years, but didn’t really put much thought into doing one myself until I saw one on Pinterest. I asked Lily these questions a few days after her birthday, but I feel the answers would have been the same no matter.

What’s your name: Avery Wiggins

How old are you: 3 years I guess

What’s your favorite color: Blue and red

Who’s your best friend: Olivia

Favorite animal: giraffe

What do you want to be when your all grown up: I want to be like back pack Elmo (he was in a book she was scanning while I asked these questions)

What’s your favorite movies: I answered for her, Jimmy Neutron, Tangled,  Super Why, Cat in the hat

What is your favorite book: Olivia

What makes you happy: When my toys are back

What makes you sad: When you guys (me and Daddy) are gone

What is your most favorite food to eat: broccoli

Favorite song: ABC

What game do you like to play: a doggy game (make believe)

Can you write your name: no

Hopefully I’m with it enough to continue doing these as the years pass. I know I’ll love looking back on this in a few years.

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