Jumping Beans

I talked about watching my niece and how the girls and I made playdough, but I didn’t get a change to write about the rest of the day.

There was a lot of “working” going on.

Playing nicely

It's Livi's turn to work rigth now. I think Lily is telling Livi how it's her turn next.

There was a lot of checking out toes. I don’t get what it is about a toddler and their toes, but both Lily and Livi spent a very strange amount of time checking out their toes.

What is it with toddler's obsession with their feet?

Lily is thinking about those feet again

Lily is thinking about her toes. She hasn't touched them in at least a hour.

What is it with toddler's obsession with their feet?

Got em!

We had a few moments of super sweetness. Livi was signing “twinkle twinkle” to Lily to help her fall asleep.
Livi is singing Lily to sleep

They took turns “falling asleep” and I think you will agree after watching the video that no one was actually going to go to sleep.

And the thing that is most looked forward to, the thing that is most talked about, the thing that is the most fun; jumping on Lily’s bed. There was a lot of that.

Jumping beans

Jumping Beans

Jumping beans

These two certainly know how to have a good time.  They wear me out.

We really miss Olivia.  She turned 3 yesterday.  Happy birthday Livi!


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