New state, new germs

We have been in Idaho for about 16 days and are already dealing with our second illness. We had been here just under a week when Waldo started to feel very tired and the next thing you know he’s got a slight flu or something, the next afternoon I come down with it. It lasted about 4 or 5 days. Lily was a little trooper, she never got it and had to deal with us not being up to do anything, but watch movies and snuggle. She got really bored, but did great. We all felt better for about a week and were very thankful because we are moving into the new house this weekend. So of course Lily’s nose started to run last night and she kept being woke up because she needed to cough. I feel so bad for her and myself because my throat is very sore. This new germ thing totally sucks.

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