Random Mobile Shots

While these aren’t totally random, they are all from my phone.

We’ve been to the zoo in Boise twice since moving here and both times we got Lily some popcorn. She loved it, but we hated that it was full of crap so we decided to buy an air popper. I found one at a thrift store for $5.99 and it’s been sitting in a box since that day. We bought some organic popping corn at the food Co-op, so now it was just a matter of deciding that I was adventurous enough to try making it. Today I decided was that day.

Popping pop corn

Lil's checking it out.

I read that you can put 1/2 cup of popcorn in the chamber and that makes about 18 cups of popped corn.  I didn’t want nearly that much so I used the little butter cup that comes with the machine filled most of the way full and was happy with the bowl full of popcorn we got.  It was still too much, but not as bad as 18 cups.

Popping pop corn

The little kearnels are heating up and dancing around.

Lily wasn’t a fan of the machine’s noise, I tried and tried to get a picture of her with her hands over her ears, but didn’t manage it.

Popping pop corn

The corn is starting to fly.

Once it started popping it went very fast.

Popping pop corn


I started to panic that my bowl was going to overflow, but luckily it was just perfect.

Popping pop corn

The blur is Lily trying to hold in her excitment.

Popping pop corn

Which one should she try?

Popping pop corn

This was her fourth or fifth handful.

She loved it and kept stuffing pieces in my mouth because she just had to share the yumm.   She ran upstairs to tell her Daddy all about it too.  I think the Popcorn was a huge success and using the air popper was crazy easy.

p.s.  Lily tinkled in the potty this morning.  YAY!

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