Lily’s Weight

On Thursdays our local hospital (where I had Lil) has a new mom group meeting.  We get together to talk about breastfeeding, sleep issues and anything else we feel like.  We also weigh our babies on their super nice digital scale.

Last week 3/12 Lil weighed 8 lbs 7.8 oz

Today she weighs 8lbs 12.9 oz

We have been giving her 2 ounces of formula a day and she still nurses pretty much nonstop when she’s awake.  The breastfeeding specialists suggested going down to 1 ounce of formula per day and weigh her again next week.  If she is still gaining well we’ll make a decision then.

I really hope we can give up the formula.  It gives her gas and makes it so she only poops every couple of days.  I can deal with it if we have no choice but I really would prefer to exclusively breastfeed my baby girl.

I just cant help myself

I just can't help myself

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5 thoughts on “Lily’s Weight

  1. She is precious! Sounds like she’s doing well and growing! Best of luck – with my first, bfing didn’t work but with number two it was/is great!

    Thanks for coming to visit my blog!!! Sarah, The Ohana Mama

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