My Baby’s Mind Monday – 06-22-2009

My friend Tatiana over at It was a Very Good Year started this meme. Each Monday you look inside your baby’s mind and let us know what you find. Be sure to go show her some love.

This is the picture that inspired me this week.

Hi Mama,

I am really starting to like this bouncer thing you bought me.  It has lots of fun things to put in my mouth, but sometimes they go in too far and I don’t like that.  I finally figured out how to turn myself so I can play with the stuff on the other side, I really like that.  I appreciate that you always cheer for me when I make the music start, its funny.

I really like it when you or Daddy sit with me while I play.  Daddy makes the funniest voices.

Sometimes you could put the camera down though.  And the second that you do I’m going to make the cutest face EVER! You almost missed this picture but I figured I’d give you one today.


Princess Pickle Pants

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