My babywearing stash

The lovely and talented Steph from Adventures in Babywearing has invited us to show our stash.

Here are all of my baby carriers.
babywearing stash
I have a Moby wrap, a Kozy Carrier mei tai, an Infantino carrier and a Peanut Shell sling.

My favorites are the mei tai and the Moby wrap
babywearing stash

Lily’s favorite (and because of that the one we use the most) is the mei tai
babywearing stash

I was wondering how other people stash their stash? I haven’t found a good convenient place to put them in the new house yet. For now they are in my diaper/blanket cart, but now that I’ve washed most of my cloth diapers this cart needs to get reorganized.
baby cart
Any suggestions?

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14 thoughts on “My babywearing stash

  1. Oooh, I really like your mei tai. Gorgeous colors!

    I only have a few carriers, but I hang a couple of them on a hook in the back of our entryway closet, and a couple others are usually folded and put on a shelf in that same closet (though they’re out on loan now).

  2. I was thinking I should get Ivy in on my photos, too, but it’s a miracle I got up what I did! I keep all of mine in our hall closet. And some in the car. And some in a corner of every room… gah. I love the colors of the mei tai!


  3. I love your Kozy! It’s so colourful and happy-looking. πŸ™‚

    As for me, I have a large basket by the front door for my baby carriers. It works well because it makes getting out of the house that much easier. I can get the baby in a carrier while my 4-year-old does the shoes / coat / different shoes / different coat / I need a toy dance.

  4. Love the “blessedly short walk” label! πŸ™‚

    I store my ring sling either on a hook in Jack’s room (which will eventually be Forrest’s room one day – unless we move before he stops co-sleeping/rooming with us – and dear LORD please let us move!! — or I store it on the key hook by the front door. If I’m not wearing my Moby (which is rare at this point!), I roll/fold it up and put it in my diaper bag. Not the most organized, but they’re not in the way! πŸ™‚

    Mama Rissa

  5. That mai tei si really pretty. I think that is the same Moby that I have. Where do you store them is a great question!!! Mine – well since I only have three they are easier to store. My Moby I keep in the diaper bag, the pouch sling I keep in the car (sometimes in the diaper bag) and the snugli is on the floor of my closet but I never use it anymore.

  6. a) I’m sure I’ve asked this before, but I’ve since forgotten: what type of cloth diapers do you use?

    b) I love the color of the Kozy =) I wish I could have picked colors like that or like the Mei Tai for our carriers, but my husband objected on the grounds that if they fit him and I expected him to wear them periodically, they had to be masculine.

    To which I was all: WHATEVER, this is a man who craves chocolate.

  7. I keep all 3 of my carriers in the van. They’re folded in a small basket. I hate to be out and not have one, so keeping them in the van is the best place for me and it’s a short walk into the garage to get one out when needed.

  8. Wow you almost have as many as I do I have 5 I keep 2 in Laila’s closet they where in the changing table but now I have to many diapers (I think I have a problem), one in the car just in case I forget to bring the best one of all my Ergo! It doesn’t have a place to live because it is always on I can wear Laila for hours in it and she loves it too.

  9. What a great idea to show all your babywearing gems! I’ll post my carriers sometime this week.

    I store my carriers on a hook in Little One’s room. Easy access.

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