The other pictures

You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones that don’t make the cut. I take somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-200 pictures a week. Thank goodness for digital cameras and good memory sticks. Of those pictures only half or so are good semiclear shots.  What do you do with the rest?  I save them.  I watched a show (appropriately the second day of vacation two years ago) that said not to delete any pictures because you never know what gem you might find later.  Waldo and I took that to heart and now my pictures folder is bursting with :the other pictures” but that’s ok with me.

I was looking through my latest Lily folder and started laughing.  Some of those pictures are so bad they are great.  So I wanted to share.  I k now it seems crazy.  Usually when a blogger post a slightly blurry shot they apologize and here I am dedicating a whole post to blurry/out of focus/etc pictures.  I guess that’s just me, a little blurry and out of focus.

happy "other picture"

"other picture"

This next one is my favorite and the one that inspired this post. I think she looks like the “monster” guy from Gooneys
"other picture"

"other picture"

What do you do with your “other pictures”? Do you have any to share? I can promise there will be more here soon.

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6 thoughts on “The other pictures

  1. Oh and that one pic does remind me of the dude in The Goonies! hehe Only cuz you mentioned it, though – that sweet little face is precious and I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, lol. Someday she’ll say, “MOM – you didn’t REALLY post this on the net, right?” – hehe (my mom says she kept certain pictures to show my boyfriends one day, haha)

  2. There I was, slightly freaked out by her blurry face(s), and then you made the Goonies comment. I actually SCREAMED out, ‘Ha!’

    Also, that watermelon dress she is wearing? I LOVE IT.

    I also love YOU for putting up a post about blurry pictures. What a fabulous idea. I may one day do the same thing!

  3. LOL! She’s still so darn cute…blurry or not! Thanks for sharing! I know what you mean about having zillions of baby pics! Little One is 7 months old and we (okay, I) have over 2000 photos of her. I have a secret…I don’t have the heart to delete any of them! Crappy or not, I just can’t! LOL!

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