Popsicles made less messy

I had a brilliant moment a few days ago and I know I’m not inventing the wheel here, but I had to share.

Lil’s cousins Brock and Bryce were visiting and they had just got back from the park with my In-laws. The kids were hot and wanted a snack. I had made Lil some strawberry banana surprise Popsicles a few days before so I gave each of them one and we all went out to the backyard to keep the mess down.  Brock was sitting on a sheet with my Mother in Law when he started complaining that he didn’t like how the popsicle juice was getting on his arm. I had a flash of brilliance, I went inside and grabbed 3 small paper plates from the pantry and made a slit in the middle with a sharp paring knife. I went outside, asked Brock for his popsicle and popped it in the slit. He was thrilled. My Mother in Law was amazed and I was pretty darn happy since cleanup just got a lot easier. I put Lily and Bryce’s popsicles on a plate too and everyone was happy.

Eating popsicles

Brock and his Popsicle


Eating popsicles

Lil and her Popsicle


Eating popsicles

Lily and Bryce with their Popsicles

Like I said I didn’t invent this, I have seen people put candles through paper plates for vigils and I’ve seen ear candles the same way. I just haven’t seen popsicles like this before. With Summer and the hot weather coming up I thought some people might find this useful.

Oh and the Strawberry and banana surprise popsicles couldn’t be easier to make. I put a banana in my small food processor along with some sliced up strawberries. Once it was all chopped up I added some plain yogurt and a splash of orange juice. Pulsed it again to mix it together and spooned it into my new popsicle molds. I highly recommend the molds by the way, they are super sturdy and way cute.

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