Sticky Table Play

I saw an idea on Pinterest that I thought Lil would really like.  I’ve seen a few different variation of this same idea, I like Allison’s best.

It really couldn’t be more simple.  With some blue painter’s tape I taped some clear contact paper to Lily’s little bench with the sticky side up.  I have her a bunch of different things to stick to it and she went crazy.  We talked about how it was sticky, well I talk to her, she ignored me and stuck things to the contact paper.

Sticky table

Sticky table

She really liked it and I think it’s going to become a part of our play routine.

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4 thoughts on “Sticky Table Play

  1. First of all – Lil is precious! So – I tried this with some leftover contact paper. It did not seem to be super sticky. Less sticky than regular masking tape. Is that what you found?

  2. Hi Rachel, Thanks for commenting. I have found that contact paper is much less sticky then tape, but so far it’s been sticky enough to hold everything we’ve thrown at it. The poof balls did fall off pretty easily when we hung the contact paper on the wall, but they stuck good enough to be fun. The feathers we put on it worked great and I have new pictures to share soon.


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