After we moved into the extended stay motel we realized that the pots and pans they provide are not the kind that we usually use, so I started going to thrift stores around to see what I could find. I really wanted either stainless steal or glass pieces made by Visions, which aren’t in production any longer. For her birthday last year Waldo and his siblings went in together and bought their Mom a whole set of the Visions cookware, it was very pricy, but we love them. We cook everything in them besides a few things that we use stainless steal for, we also use cast iron, but I have enough of those already. Over the course of the week and a half that we were in the motel I went to a number of thrift stores. Sometimes I’d find one or two things, sometimes I’d find nothing, alot of the time I’d just find a lid or two. I had to put my foot down with myself to not buy anymore unmatched lids.


The purse was already mine.

Then one day right before we moved out I hit the jackpot.

I now have a whole range of different sized pots a few glass skillets (not pictured, obviously) and more lids than I can shake a stick at. I am making it my quest to keep collecting these. We love how they cook and they can be very hard to find. I don’t think I paid more than $7 for any of my new pieces and I’ve seen them online for much much more.

While I was at the different thrift stores of course I looked around a little and found a few other great things.

Some nice pepper grinders, a whole collection of kitchen gadgets for Lily and a few for me and best of all a cute little kids table for Lily.

We didn’t buy the slide at the time, I figured I could come back for it and I learned the first rule of thrifting the hard way. Buy it now, because as soon as you love something it will get sold. Oh well, now I’m addicted to thrifting so I’ll find another slide somewhere.


Lil loves the table and it's now our craft table/foot rest in the family room.


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