Would you like some tea?

For most of Lily’s life every once in a while she will talk with a little southern accent. It’s super cute, but I have no idea where she got it from.  A few weeks ago Lily started saying a few things with a slight British accent. I know where she got this from. The lady in the yoga video she loves on youtube has an accent as does the characters from Guess with Jess. I love this so much. I have a thing for British accents and having it come out of my kid is adorable.  My chosen sister Becky however hates the Britts. I don’t know why, we haven’t ever talked about because I don’t want to have to divorce her.

This first video is how Lily usually says this little phrase.

I had Lily do this one special for Aunt Becky.

This one’s just for you Becks!

My Pop rocking out

My Pop (Grandpa for those of you not in the know) has a way with stringed instruments. All my life he’s loved to get together with his buddies and do some serious Pickin’ and Grinnin’. For the last few years he gets together with some of those buddies and they play every Friday night. My cousin Bobi was visiting last week and went to listen to the Pickin’ and gave me the ok to post these. Pop’s on the right playing his mandolin. He also plays the fiddle and some guitar. I think he can play just about any stringed instrument, but the mandolin and fiddle are his favorites.

Pop playing his mandolin

Zoo concert

A few weeks ago Waldo had to work on a Sunday so Lily and I went to the zoo to get us out of the house and out of Waldo’s hair. I didn’t bother to check the weather before we left so I had no idea how sneaky the weather was being. It looked beautiful and sunny at our house. It was also very chilly and breazy. Luckily I had tossed our light jackets in the car, but I really wish that I had layered, brought our heavy jackets or both. We had been in the zoo for probably .2 seconds when I was texting Waldo that I didn’t know how long we were going to last because of the cold. In the end we stayed over an hour, which is about average for us.

One of Lily’s favorite thing to do is play with the xylophone thing outside the Lion house in the Africa section of the zoo.

Lily and the big girl bike

Last summer we got Lil a balance bike and a few days later she saw a Hello Kitty Big Girl Bike at Target and has been talking about it every since. Because we had just bought the balance bike and well because she was too little for a Big Girl Bike we have been telling her that we will get it for her when the weather gets warmer this spring. As soon as we got paid this month we headed to Target and got the Hello Kitty Big Girl Bike. Lily was in heaven.

Lil's first ride on her Big Girl Bike

A few days before we bought the bike we ordered her a doll bike seat so her Buddies could go for a ride. This was a BIG hit.

Lil's first ride on her Big Girl Bike

Here’s Lil’s first ride.

She spent way more time using her breaks than going forward. But it didn’t take long to figure it out with Daddy’s help.

Lil's first ride on her Big Girl Bike

Lil's first ride on her Big Girl Bike

About 5 minutes later Lil was an expert (well almost).

The next day we searched high and low (I mean it, we went to I don’t know how many stores) to find elbow and knee pads. Hello Kitty of course. We finally found them at Walmart.

Lil's first ride on her Big Girl Bike

Lil's first ride on her Big Girl Bike

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