23 weeks old

Today Lily turns 23 weeks old. (pretend I’m on time and today is Monday 6-1-09)

We are trying to wean her from the swaddle and its very slow going, but I think we can safely say that she can sleep with one arm out. In the next day or two we will start leaving both arms out. It seems silly to still do the swaddle for just her legs since it seems like the arms are more important but I think its part of our routine and that after we get the two arms free down then we can get rid of it all together. I’m sad to see it going. She likes it, I like it. But its getting hot here, well as hot as Montana gets in the spring. But I want to have her all done before Summer.

23 weeks old
We got some really good news today. Her chromosome study came back perfect. (The doctor is still trying to find out why her head is shaped differently) We go see the genetics specialists in July and they will tell us what we need to do next.

23 weeks old

The watermelon outfit is one of the first things I’ve had to buy her. All of her other clothes were either from her baby shower or hand me downs. We had a diaper accident so pictures of this outfit to come in some later post.

enjoying her bouncer
I think she is teething and I wish the little buggers would break through already. She’s grumpy off and on all day, has her hands in her mouth all the time, and has a little rash on her chin. Honestly I’m hoping she’s teething because that would explain the grumpy. If she’s not then I’m at a loss.

trying to escape. 23 weeks old

I think she was trying to escape

23 weeks old

This is something new she's doing and I think its super cute

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7 thoughts on “23 weeks old

  1. I laughed and laughed at the “diaper accident” comment — OH I KNOW HOW THAT GOES!

    I really love that yellow dress. I mean I REALLY love it and I want one for Maia, it is just too damned cute.

    Oh, and so is the baby wearing it 😉 <3 Lily!

  2. Really? You are weaning from the swaddle!! You are way more hard core than us! We kept Graham in his until he was 5 months old. He LOVED it! For the summer I would just put him in a light weight onesie and he was fine.

    So glad to hear about the chromosome study!

  3. Great news! Your pictures, as always, are adorable. I laughed when I saw the ‘escape’ picture! Amelia does that thing with her toes as well – I think she’s on the verge of discovering her feet. Good luck with the swaddle weaning!

  4. GAH! She is sooooooooooooooooo adorable!!! Great news too, Jinxy! Hooray for the chromosome test coming back perfect!

    My SIL’s twins love being swaddled. The funny thing is Little One has ALWAYS hated it! I know the nurses and doctors were telling me how babies feel secure, safe and comfortable being swaddled and they sleep best that way, but even when Little One was in her isolette in the NICU, she ALWAYS tried to get out of the swaddle AND she’d get super angry and frustrated if we did try to swaddle her. She’s just a weird kid! That’s my girlie! LOL!

  5. Grandma Gail sure would love to kiss those little feet……Your as perfect as your Mother was and still is….

    I love you Lily..xoxoxoxo

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